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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 2, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> lou: good evening, everybody. the popullist wave in america is growing. and the snootiest have been shaken by alabama. they decided for roy moore in the run off senate scomplekz the judge's wins clearly taken as a profound warning to all establishment elites and rinos, particularly those in the senate. alabama voters dismissed the
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business roundtable and big money run in the race. moore won against incumbent senator legislator strange. a former lobbyist who is no stranger to the dc swamp. it is impressive whf you consider that mitch mcconnell and republican establishment propped up strange and paying 150 per vote that strange won. and moore won by double-digits. 63 of 67 counties and president trump empbraced moore and complimented him for winning a great race and saying he is sure to the election. >> we have a man who can be a great senator. and i never met him or smoke to him and i am very happy with him and legislator came a long way
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from the time, and ran a great race and roy ran a great race. moore's victory is a blow with mitch mcconnell. aside from backing the losing candidate mcconnell was forced to call off the repeal of obamacare and the third failed attempt to muster 50 votes in the senate and bob corker of tennessee announced he would not seek reelection of 2015. and that is another senate that anti- conservative will attempt to get with gusto. the midterm elections are already under way and popullism and economic nationalism proved
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to be powerful targets. it is very likely to overturn the republican leadership of both the senate and the house. president trump unveiling the road map ahead for tax reform, hailing the plan as a revolutionary change for the middle-class. >> this is a once in a generation opportunity. we are going to cut taxes for the middle-class and make the tax code simpler and fair for every day americans and we are going to bring back the jobs and wealth that have left our country and most people thought left our country for good. we want tax reform that is pro growth, pro jobs and pro worker and pro family and yes, tax reform that is pro american.
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>> lou: our next guest member of the big six. the group negotiating tax reform since april and here to discuss whether republicans can pass the trump tax reform plan to enact the president's legislative agenda and joining us is congressman kevin brady. he is a chairman. powerful house ways and means committee. congressman, good to have you with us. simple, less tax and all sounds so good. what could possibly go wrong? >> look, this is an exciting and historical day and americans have waited 30 days for a president to lead and a congress to unify behind bold reagan style tax reform. i am proud to stand with president trump in this bold effort. president reagan's tax game was
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game changing and we are seeking to do it in one year. we'll get on the same page as the president and why today is so important. >> lou: some people question why it takes so long for the house and senate to get behind the president's agenda and instead of the better way nonsense and all of the other counter and conflicting currents that we are running through the benefit of politics. will the president get what he wants in the house and senate? >> yes. we jumped on the president's agenda he wanted 15 separate bills and roll back regulation. we got them to his daevenlth i am disappointed the senate republicans have not.
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we have worked with the president directly for the three months and working for a unified tax reform plans. he's leading in a big way. we are excited in the house. >> the republican national committee, the chair. ron mcdaniels coming out and supporting immediately the president's plan and getting behind tax reform. and house study group and the freedom congress. >> we believe people ought to keep their money they earn and businesses should be able to compete anywhere in our world. and let americans file using a simple post card system we will change the country.
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>> lou: the brackets are prospect of four and terms of corporate and past rates are not parried between america and small business. that is a business issue with the national federation of independent business. small business folks who deserve a bigger break than the multinationals and corporate america. why can't up get the parity. >> absolutely. we are proposing a 40 percent tax cut on local business, whether they are the smallest mom and pop or the biggest corporation. those are the lowest rates in modern history. we don't stop for maul businesses. we make sure they have write offs. and tax cuts are cut for the tax
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small business. and te duct the interest payments and make sure more can do simple cash accounting and simple way to keep their books. it is all in on small business because they are a big part of the local economy. >> how soon will we see tax reform? >> great question, it depends on the budget. no budget, no tax reform. and today in the house, after the republicans across the spectrum saw how bold we are going. they signed on to the budget as well. we are moving next week on this budget. once it is signed by the senate and the house, we'll move on tax reform. >> lou: we wish you the best of luck. >> thank you. >> lou: we'll have more.
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stay with us. alabama voters rebuke the republican's establishment and support roy moore. >> yes, i am an outsider and not part of the establishment. >> edrollins and michael goodwin join me next. and shocking study show how much illegal immigration is costing americans every year. we'll haveeeee
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>> lou: the president said he's not happy with health and you hanservice tom price because he used public money for travel on private jets. >> i am looking at it. i am not happy with it. loupe lou we'll see, he says. price travelled on corporate jets 26 times since may including a $18,000 roundtable flight from washington d.c. to nashville where he had lunch
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with his son. not happy. joins me questioning tom price's questionable leadership, and his travel plans and the fallout from the alabama race and mor. joining michael goodwin, edrolin and former chief political advisor to the house republican leadership. and esteemed member of the hall of fame. and you are wearing me out with all of your honorifics. and many more. >> pile them up. starting with alabama. the president himself acknowledged the endorsement of the incumbent and he thought he might be making a mistake. >> he's the popullist president and endorsed the establishment
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candidate and as moore is. moore will win in the fall and he will stay there as long as he wants and i hope it is a good president. this was not his natural instinct. it was the majority leader trying to throw the race by throwing money. >> lou: in a week no one will pay attention. ncertainly not if the republicans hold the seat which they should. it will be a passing event. >> lou: i make you a bet that president trump will make sure judge moore will be elected. >> more is a good smart guy and he will be close to the president but not to mcconnell. >> lou: he shouldn't be.
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mcconnell is a disaster. he can throw estimated 10 million in a 30 million race on one side and all of that money going to legislator strange $150 a vote and he can't win. unbelievable. >> mcconnell did not have a good day yesterday. >> lou: and may he have many more would be the expression on the popullist in the country and those who care about this country. this may have a startling affect. at least some people may be startled on the direction of politics with the republican party. corker leaves the senate seat next year. and not waiting for anything. this is a time when it is clear that the populist movie goes beyond national politics and to the states.
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>> corker announced no reelection because of a fearful of the primary. and others will say do i want a challenge to me and they may leave before much longer, too. and i think it is a new day in politics and the people will speak again. >> lou: i am surprised it is not happening in the democratic side. we haven't heard about the elizabeth waren and bernie sanders wing against the more centerist democrats. i think it is coming. >> lou: we saw the presidential democratic party. it is between a 70-year-old man and a 74-year-old senator, it is talking about the nonsense about a new century. they don't know who they are and
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how they are doing. >> they are relevant to the process. >> lou: 2020, or 2040. >> they need to find younger americans. >> lou: the ones they trotted out so far haven't got a chance. >> and the generation that's been running will not get out of the way. >> lou: how about the republicans? they have a huge issue of the rino and jeff blake and wicker and the list goes on. all of these rinos screwed up the senate and house. >> flake already has a serious challenger and to a certain extent the other two probably will, too. and i think again, the message yesterday was that there is a bunch much voters that are not
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happy and you have a republican and senator, doesn't mean a lot if you don't produce. >> lou: i love the leadership the president showed on the nfl and the left dismissing it is a culture war. it is a distraction. when it is profound and fundmental to the politics. >> culture is a big part of our politics and the president proved his ability to read the public mood on these things is unprecedented. we don't know if there is a strategy. >> lou: why do you need a strategy. corporatist want this and not.
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here is a map leading on this country and out of 16 other candidates, which one had a vissol? only trump had a position on issues and established the ground work and introduced the issues in the entire campaign. >> the flag issue is consistent with america first. right down the middle of the lane. loupe lou 1600, employees. >> the nfl have gigantic flag and have hundreds of soldiers and sailors and hair force jets and make a deal wrapping themselves in the flag and let 5 or 6. >> and recently quit charging the military for the privilege. >> and then the football players make tb a place to prove test.
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>> lou: it is goodell who showed himself to be a perfect [bleep] of millionaires that lost their way. player and owners. to get this far in dishonoring our flag and national anthem and every member of our military. at what point does reason prevail here on the part of those malcontent and entitled and abject reckless fools in >> when it hits them in the pocketbooks. that's the only way to get their attention. >> lou: are you watching pro football? >> a little bit but not much. >> that is a sacrifice. hugh lou thank you to've've -- >> lou: i want to say thank you to at&t and directv.
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we cancelled the nfl, we refuse. >> stand up, we'll watch. kneel don't, we'll not watch. >> lou: i think that is right. at&t and directv, for giving refund to all who cancel, we appreciate it and i think that is just nice leadership on the part of a corporation, two corporation. >> and a new tax bill, take the corporate boxes away. >> lou: corporate america supports sports that wouldn't pay their way. ed and michael, our question is do you believe that the strengthening populist wave will lead to mcconnell's exit. follow me on instagram and up
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next, president trump demands that the nfl stop insulting america. >> i think it is a very important thing for the nfl to not allow people to kneel in the playing of our national anthem and respect our country and respect our flag. >> lou: the president's leadership and integrity and the subject of my commentary. stay with us, we'll be right stay with us, we'll be right back. you each drive a ford pickup right? (all) yes. i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. stronger the better. and best of all, this new truck is actually- (all laughing) oh my.... the current chevy silverado. current chevy owners and lessees get a total value of ten-thousand, six hundred dollars. or, 0% financing for 72 months on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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>> lou: the national left wing media refers to the player and our flag and the presidential condemnation of the insults as a controversy. let's be clear. there is no controversy here. the nfl's management and owner and players are simply dead wrong and their conduct is
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outrageous. and rationalization adds to the outrage. as i said last night. it is not a petty dispute between the leftest and president and fans that support the president. this is not a difference of opinion about the first amendment. the president defended our nation and value and flag and all that represents. nfl filled with contempt for its fan and the nation, at least they cherish, they have the gall to call the president divisive. and the responsibility for division is that of the leftest league and its players. some particularly in the left wing played the race car as the left does.
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for too long patriotic americans have been forced to watch as president after president took a knee before the left wing media complex and waged an all out war on american heritage and values and got away with it. in movies, televisions and commercials as parents and fathers are portrays as morons and normal families are mocked and right to life and individual dignity and family values are trampled by hollywood and yes, now the nfl. the nfl fully expected it could crudely insult every american and our simbombs of strength. insult our heritage and values and the left winning media laughed as they did so until president trump was elected on h lombard oh frolombardo from thes
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police department. we'll pause for one second for our stations can join us. heather: you are watching live coverage of a mass shooting that happened in las vegas, nevada. we'll take you to a news conference for the latest now. >> this evening we had calls come into dispatch of multiple shots being fired from the direction of the mandalay bay
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lauren: if you are just to name, we have breaking news this morning. absolute chaos on the las vegas strip as shots rang out in an outdoor music festival. what we know now, at least 20 people are dead and at least 100 are wounded, some of them critically. some of the deceased are off duty police officers at the jason held in concert. police said the suspect was killed on the 302nd floor at the mandalay bay hotel across from the concert when he fired down. hundreds of police have flooded the area as thousands in


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